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Research on the establishment of the Macao sports study tour base using SWOT analysis

FatFai Ieong ,
FatFai Ieong

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Macao Polytechnic University

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Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region, and Guangdong Province will all jointly host the 15th National Games of the People's Republic of China in 2025. For Macao, it will present a chance to expand the cultural and sports sectors while also enhancing the one industry environment dominated by the gambling industry. Macau has the chance to build a study tour center and a sports learning brand by taking advantage of the National Games craze. This study, using Macao as an example, examined the viability of developing sports study tours there and employed the SWOT analysis method to identify the strengths (S), weaknesses (W), opportunities (O), and threats (T) associated with doing so. According to the survey, when it comes to creating sports study tours, Macao has advantages in terms of facilities, location, culture, brand, and institutions. Traveling without learning is one drawback; study tour evaluation needs to be improved; teaching study tours is not a vocation; and the Macau Sports Study Tour is constrained by tourism goods, visitor abilities, and the surrounding environment. In addition to developing sports study tours, Macao has the chance to grow coastal tourism, which will support the industry's diverse development. Additionally, sports study tours will support government department mergers and reorganizations to redefine their functional orientation as well as industry integration. Sports study tour is threatened by the lack of a framework for policy support, supervision, and evaluation.

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