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Functional requirements for a digital post-surgical monitoring tool. Phenomenological study

Erika Jesenia Murillo Suarez ,
Erika Jesenia Murillo Suarez

Hospital Quito Sur del IESS

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Judith Francisco-Pérez ,
Judith Francisco-Pérez

Facultad de Enfermería de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador. Grupo de investigación e-Health PUCE

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Patricia Benavides Vera ,
Patricia Benavides Vera

Unidad de Docencia del Hospital General Docente Calderón. Quito, Ecuador

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Introduction: In Ecuador, deaths and complications attributed to the postoperative period occur.
Objective: Explore the functional requirements of a digital tool for postoperative monitoring, from the perspective of health personnel.
Methodology: It was descriptive phenomenological qualitative research. The population was made up of 69 Nursing and Medicine professionals who work in the surgery service of a second level hospital belonging to the Public Health Network in Quito. The information was collected in the months of November to December 2023.
Results: The results identified four key categories for the development of a digital post-surgical monitoring tool: general requirements, user-centered design (patients and professionals), and post-pilot requirements. They highlight the importance of clear databases, intuitive interfaces, alerts for signs of complications, and adequate training, optimizing the monitoring and management of postsurgical care.
Conclusions: The application must have a user-centered design, easy to use, with the option to record medical and personal data and the intervention carried out on the patient, so that all staff can know the same information and no errors are made.

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Murillo Suarez EJ, Francisco-Pérez J, Benavides Vera P. Functional requirements for a digital post-surgical monitoring tool. Phenomenological study. Salud, Ciencia y Tecnología [Internet]. 2024 Jun. 20 [cited 2024 Jul. 15];4:1124. Available from:

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