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The role of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence in health and educational intervention

Francisco Javier Vidal Barrantes ,
Francisco Javier Vidal Barrantes

Escuela Internacional de Doctorado UNED. Doctorando en Ciencias Biomédicas y Salud Pública. Madrid, España

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Introduction: the study of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence in educational and health contexts is beginning to be given great importance, due to the repercussion that these theoretical constructs have on human behavior and, consequently, on the exercise of the professional functions of students, teachers and health professionals.
Objective: to find the relationship between emotional intelligence and spirituality and how those concepts can condition the behavior of students and health professionals.
Methods: a narrative review of original articles, performing a systematic search through the EBSCHOHot (APA Pscycinfo), ERIC, MEDLINE, PubMed and SCOPUS database. The descriptors used: "Emotional Intelligence" AND "Spiritual*" AND "Correlation*.
Results: this review included 7 articles, 6 of which are original and 1 is a critical review, referring to research carried out in educational and health contexts and conducted mainly in Eastern countries. The relationship between the constructs of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence and the importance that these competencies have on human behavior is demonstrated.
Conclusions: it is pertinent to carry out more studies that relate these two variables, as well as the need to introduce and work on these concepts in educational and health intervention contexts, with the aim of improving the competencies of students and professionals. Likewise, it is important to avoid confusing the concepts of spirituality and religiosity which, although associated, have different meanings and practical implications.

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