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Contributions of neurosciences, neuromarketing and learning processes in innovation

German Jazmany Zambrano Verdesoto ,
German Jazmany Zambrano Verdesoto

Instituto Superior Universitario Bolivariano de Tecnología, Universidad Bolivariana del Ecuador, Guayaquil, Ecuador

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Idana Beroska Rincon Soto ,
Idana Beroska Rincon Soto

Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (UNA), Costa Rica

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Alain Castro Alfaro ,
Alain Castro Alfaro

Corporación Universitaria Rafael Nuñez, Cartagena, Colombia

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The objective of this research is to contribute through the use of projects and marketing to develop innovative proposals that allow businesses to be at the forefront of the commercial system and satisfy the needs of customers. The methodology used in this research is descriptive with a bibliographic, qualitative and quantitative approach. In this study, 25 students of the Marketing subject of the Higher Technology in Administration career of the Bolivarian University Institute of Technology participated, we worked with 6 teams and selected to 6 businesses, instruments such as the interview were used, and the survey that was applied to 1297 consumers, and potential clients, satisfactory results were obtained for the businesses, managing to develop 6 projects that applied can generate quick and agile solutions to businesses, Results were satisfactory at an educational level, it was achieved that students can apply theoretical and practical knowledge to contribute to the commercial development of the selected businesses, the methodology used is significant to contribute to the innovation of products and / or services.

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Zambrano Verdesoto GJ, Rincon Soto IB, Castro Alfaro A. Contributions of neurosciences, neuromarketing and learning processes in innovation. Salud, Ciencia y Tecnología [Internet]. 2023 May 16 [cited 2024 Jun. 17];3:396. Available from:

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