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Implementation of protocol to reduce surgical site infections in arthroplasty with hip prosthesis.

Rosa Gerez ,
Rosa Gerez

Asociación Argentina de Enfermeros en Control de Infecciones (ADECI). Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Introduction: A surgical site infection (SSI) is a type of SSI that occurs after surgery in the area of the body where surgery is performed, involves the skin, tissues and organs and implant material, and has signs and symptoms of infection. The prevention of SSI should be a priority element for surgical services and health centers where preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative risk should be considered.
Objective: To analyze the impact of the implementation of a protocol to reduce the incidence of surgical site infection in hip prosthesis arthroplasties, with the implementation of a protocol for ES decolonization and treatment of infections prior to surgery.
Methods: An experimental type study was conducted, in which a pre-surgical protocol was applied, with a multidisciplinary team to reduce total hip prosthesis SSIs, comparing the pre-implementation period, from January to December 2017, with the period from January 2018 to December 2021.
Results: the rate of SSI in the pre-implementation period was 22 % (10 cases), in the period that the intervention was performed 3% (2 cases). Disease motivating surgery: hip fracture: 50%, Osteoarthrosis: 49 %, hip dysplasia: 1%.
Conclusions: In this study, the intervention was positive, a statistically significant reduction in the rate of SSI was found in the period after the implementation of the protocol with greater adherence to pre-surgical bathing, and the performance of SA decolonization, as well as hospital stay as a protective factor.

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