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Oxygen therapy and high-flow nasal cannula in pediatrics

Ramona Spindola ,
Ramona Spindola

Hospital Nacional "Profesor A. Posadas", El Palomar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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High-flow nasal cannulae (HFNC) seem to improve respiratory efficiency by flooding the nasopharyngeal anatomical space with a constant high flow, and contribute to the decrease of respiratory work and CO2 washout. A literature review was performed with the aim of this article is to describe the main elements about oxygen therapy and high flow nasal cannula in pediatrics. Oxygen therapy is indicated whenever there is a deficiency in oxygen supply to the tissues. HFNC consists of providing a flow of oxygen, alone or mixed with air, above the child's inspiratory flow through a nasal cannula. The oxygenation of the child, allows to protect its biological functions and its consequent decrease in the possibility of preventing complications that usually arise from hypoxemia. Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of high flow, when surveyed on the perception of the professionals, most of them consider that the CNAF improve the patient's comfort, decrease nasal trauma and facilitate the initiation and progression of enteral feeding.

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