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Systematic reviews or meta-analyses

Characterization of breast cancer detection programs in the Americas region with a focus on Ecuador

Carolina Campoverde Loor ,
Carolina Campoverde Loor

Universidad Técnica de Ambato. Ambato, Ecuador

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Ricardo Recalde-Navarrete ,
Ricardo Recalde-Navarrete

Universidad Técnica de Ambato. Ambato, Ecuador. Grupos de Recerca d'Amèrica i Àfrica Llatines- GRAAL, Barcelona, España, nodo Ecuador

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Breast cancer is the leading cause of mortality in women in the Americas Region, with 491,000 annual cases and approximately 106,391 deaths. In Ecuador, in 2020, there were 38.2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, with a mortality rate of 10.9 per 100,000 individuals, emphasizing the importance of early detection and access to effective treatments to reduce the morbimortality associated with this pathology.
Methodology: A systematic review of 58,922 scientific articles was conducted, from which, applying inclusion and exclusion criteria, 36 publications were selected from databases such as PubMed, BVS, SCOPE, Web of Science, Google Scholar, and health websites of the six representative countries under study: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Brazil, and Ecuador. The collected data measured the impact and characteristics of breast cancer detection programs in relation to the reduction of mortality.
Results: Fifty percent of selected countries have active breast cancer detection programs, 33% (equivalent to 2 nations) had protocols and clinical guidelines for prevention, and only one South American country was in the initial stage of implementing a sustainable pilot plan.
Conclusion: In the Americas Region, it is crucial for governments to implement organized and accessible programs, ensuring universal access to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Ecuador must join this initiative, promoting prevention and public health through pragmatic policies to reduce mortality from breast cancer.
Keywords: screening programs, breast cancer, original article, healthcare system, health promotion, disease prevention.

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Campoverde Loor C, Recalde-Navarrete R. Characterization of breast cancer detection programs in the Americas region with a focus on Ecuador. Salud, Ciencia y Tecnología [Internet]. 2024 Feb. 12 [cited 2024 Jul. 20];4:741. Available from:

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