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Proposal for an instrument to audit the occupational safety and health management system in Venezuela: Version 9

Gladys Mago ,
Gladys Mago

Instituto de Altos Estudios “Dr. Arnoldo Gabaldon”, Maracay, Venezuela

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Introduction: Occupational Health Policies in Venezuela require the efficient operation of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System; For this reason, an instrument is necessary to audit it and apply corrective measures in those aspects that do not comply with labor regulations.
Objective: Evaluate the effectiveness of a proposal for an instrument to audit occupational health and safety management systems (SG-SST) in Venezuela.
Methods: A field investigation, Feasible Project type, of evaluative level, was carried out, applying a qualitative-quantitative methodology. The data collection techniques and instruments used (document review, interview with key subjects, discussion supported by a recorder and two surveys) allowed an exploration of the problem in the current context.
Results: They reflect the lack of a normative document that serves as a guide to the work centers to carry out these audits, which led to the preparation of this proposal; and its implementation detected deficient SG-SST as a result of weaknesses in the conformation of the Occupational Health and Safety Services, Prevention Delegates and the Occupational Health and Safety Committees, leading to the lack of the Health and Safety Program in Labor, element through which the SG-SST becomes operational, this deficiency being greater in the Public Sector (80%) than in the Private Sector (14.3%).
Conclusions: It is proposed to take this instrument as a reference to carry out the audits of the SG-SST in Venezuela and thus contribute to the reduction of Occupational Accidents and Illnesses.

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