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Humanized nursing care in hospitalized patients

Pablo Andrés Catota Tiban ,
Pablo Andrés Catota Tiban

Universidad Técnica de Ambato, Ambato, Ecuador

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Yeisy Cristina Guarate Coronado ,
Yeisy Cristina Guarate Coronado

Universidad de Carabobo, Carabobo, Venezuela

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Introduction: The hospitalized patient demands a series of specialized care that only the patient can supply during the hospital stay. Although treatment efforts are focused on the biological part, a significant reduction within the human aspect of the person cannot be allowed. Humanized care must be holistic and comprehensive so that hospital experiences are less traumatic.
Objectives: The objective of the study was to analyze the perspective of the hospitalized patient in relation to the humanized care provided by the nursing professional.
Method: Descriptive quantitative field research with cross section. The object population was 240 participants in different hospital units, the sample was made up of 200 patients selected by inclusion and exclusion criteria. The data collection was carried out through a structured survey (PCHE) using a 4-point Likert scale, later the data was tabulated in the SPSS program. The research was framed within the bioethical aspects established in the Declaration of Helsinki.
Results: As a result, it was obtained that nursing professionals had greater acceptability and credibility in gynecology and pediatric services, this being a positive aspect in humanized care.
Conclusion: Finally, it is concluded that the work of the nurse is of utmost importance in the daily care of the hospitalized patient, humanized care is a specialized responsibility where the nurse must implement the skills to communicate effectively, which reduces the chances of that the patient experiences a torturous and negative stay.

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